Billboard and Outdoor Advertising Market

Billboard and Outdoor Advertising Market

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A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure generally found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads
or highways. It presents huge advertisements to passing drivers and pedestrians. Billboards are highly visible in the
top designated market areas showing large distinctive visuals with ostensibly witty slogans. These advertisements
are designed to catch a person’s attention very quickly and create a memorable impression in the reader’s mind.
These advertisements usually consist of few words, in large print, and an arresting or humorous image in a brilliant
color so that they can be read easily by the people driving at a high speed on highways.
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Billboard and outdoor advertising market is segmented on the basis of its types, applications and geography. Based
on its type, the market is segmented into painted billboards, digital; billboards, mobile billboards, multi-purpose
billboards and other types of billboards. In painted billboards, the image is projected on the series of paper panels.
Digital billboards are created from computer programs and software. They are designed to display moving text,
different displays from the same company. The continuously running text ensures wide exposure...

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