billy biographie

billy biographie

I would like to st` MacKenzie’s “Orbiting the Giant Hairball”. I found every detail of the book, from how it was written to it’s illustrations captivating. However, in chapters six, seven, and ten I found points made by the author that I could relate to myself professionally.

In chapter seven of the book titled “Thou Shalt Not Have it Easy” the author talks about peoples animosities toward someone in their company potentially having a so called easy job. I felt as though I could relate tho this because I have been on both sides of the fence. On one side, I have had feelings of frustration toward a co-worker and their job title our responsibilities. On the other, I have felt the pressures form employees or peers in their thinking that my job is easier than theirs and that I don’t deserve my position.

The following chapter seven titled “ What You Don’t See is What you Get” vividly describes a well dressed businessman yelling at cows in a pasture. The author describes the businessman as so focused on what he believed he was seeing, that he didn’t realize what was actually taking place. What I left with after reading this chapter is how desperately I do not want to be thought of by my employees like the author described this sort of stuck up businessman. The reading in this chapter made me come to the conclusion that observing the positive things my employees have accomplished before I reprimand them for standing around and talking is something I really need to work on.

The last subject I felt affected by in my reading was in chapter ten titled “Cartons Contain”. This was the only chapter so far that I actually read twice. At first I could not believe the author was claiming that job responsibilities inhibit collaboration. It was in this chapter that I realized how tightly wound in the corporate hairball I am. After reading his opinions I immediately disagreed, but after rethinking I realized that all a job responsibility is is a way to...

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