Billy Bob

Billy Bob

“Events Management”-Virtual Project Proposal

“Putting Tauranga on the Map”

Brief Overview

We are planning a 3 day college 7-aside tournament. Open to all colleges in the North Island. The sports involved are Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Rugby and Soccer. Hoping to encourage more teenagers to become more active and also is a chance to meet new people. The aim of this event is to bring in new people to the area and hopefully make Tauranga well known for the sporting tournament.


Hockey-Tauranga Hockey Centre
Basketball-Mount Action Centre
Netball-Harbourside Netball Courts
Rugby-Blake Park (Bottom fields)
Soccer- Blake Park (Top Fields)

Why we chose these venues?
We chose these venues because they are all around the same place, this will develop an atmosphere for the competitors. Also the Mount and Papamoa have a lot of accommodation. This is going to create easy access for the teams, making the tournament a much more enjoyable experience as well as hassle free.


We chose Labour Weekend because we needed a 3 day weekend to allow us the time we needed to conduct our tournament. It is the end of the season for the winter sports so the venues shouldn’t be occupied and it’s a great way to end the season with a bit of fun.


There will be a registration fee for all teams and that will cover the cost to hire the venues. Promotion be covered by the registration fee as well.


We will send out notices to most of the colleges in the North Island. But we will send these out at the beginning of Term 1. The cut off date for entries will be Term 2 so everyone doesn’t have time to plan holidays for Labour weekend, in order for us to maximise our entry number.

People should come to our event……

Because it is the only tournament of it’s kind available to college students. And it’s a great way to meet new people and friends as well as have challenging matches but also have fun too. Another reason...

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