Biochips Market Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2020

Biochips Market Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2020


The medical significance of miniaturised or microscopic biological microarray chips, commonly known as biochips, has caused a revolutionising effect on the global healthcare industry. The global ICT and electronics sector has reaped benefits by incorporating latest scientific research in biochip technology into various medical fields such as bioinformatics or molecular biology. The wide range of biochip applications and products have catapulted the growth of the global biochips market size at a remarkable level.

The variable functionality of biochips is considered as a crucial advancement in medical technology. Performing abundant calculations in a few seconds and assessing the gene-decoding data by sending it to a computer quickly are the key features that have led to robust adoption of biochips.

The global biochips market value is set to increase at a substantial CAGR through 2020. The principal trend driving the growth of the biochips market is their efficacy in identifying various cancerous diseases.

Recent research in biotechnology has proved the gravity of medical benefits deduced by the use of biochips. The most crucial part of its medical approach is detection of cancerous cells and restricting their metastasizing in bloodstreams. The rising adoption of biochips as an integral component of cancer dialysis is inciting the growth of its global market. The influence of digital microfluidic biochips is growing in several biomedical fields, assisting the detection of bioterrorism agents and the analysis of gel-based and plate-based DNA arrays.

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Drivers of the Global Biochips Market

Detection of Cancer & Other Diseases
Biochips are widely used to detect viral and bacterial agents that cause prevalent diseases such as anthrax, plague and smallpox. Detecting malignant cells in the body of a cancer patient helps the diagnosis in cancer...

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