Biodiversity in the Desert Environment

Biodiversity in the Desert Environment

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Biodiversity in the desert environment

The Importance of the wild spread more than 2250 types of fungal plant in the Kingdom. Return to, that the kingdom is the basic unit of Pyramids of life and food chains, with the human on the top of that pyramid. Out of a 97 mammalian species in the Arabian Peninsula, There are 76 species of mammals here, in the kingdom. As example of the extinct species are Asian lion, the Arabian ostrich and perhaps the Arabian gazelle and cheetah. There are other mammal’s species facing the danger of extinction including the Arabian leopard and the Arabian Oryx and sand gazelles and the human gazelle.

There are 444 bird species, ten local species, while 185 reproduction one. Therefore, the Kingdom is considered to be a station for many migratory birds’ species from Asia and Europe to Africa and vice versa. Bustards are traditionally hunted birds, which being put under an intensive reproduction program in the National Center for wildlife Research.

Ebb and tide environments in the Arabian Gulf attract millions of Wading birds from around 125 species to spend the winter in it. There are reptiles in the Kingdom, 45 species of snakes, 67 species of lizards. There are also seven species of amphibians. Among the reptile’s species, the dabb lizard is common but it is threatened by overfishing and the destruction of their natural habitats.
Biodiversity in the wet land

Wetlands which have fresh water, such as wells and groundwater and surface water of the rain are consider as the most sensitive environments in arid and semi-arid areas. Some of the wet environments, which were created industrially, near the urban areas, are the agricultural drainage, Sanitation and the Reservoirs. All of those considers as the most important environments that attracted many of the fungal plant species and local animal and reproductions and visiting animals. The Mangrove wetland environments both on the coast of the red sea and the Arabian Gulf...

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