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Hello everyone! My name is Eva Faye Jones and I am a single, 52 year old, non-traditional student who is pursuing a BS in Early Childhood and Special Education here at the College of Coastal Georgia. I started last spring and have completed the College Success Seminar, Introduction to Communication, English Composition I and II, Global Issues, Computer Concepts, Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education and Introduction to General Psychology. I am enrolled in U.S. History I and Music Appreciation in addition to this class for spring of 2012.

Last year I lost a job I truly loved as an overnight advocate at a battered women’s shelter after being named employee of the year. I had always wanted to attend college, but either didn’t have the time or didn’t qualify for financial aid, so I am taking as many classes as possible while I am looking for another job. I live with my daughter and her boyfriend, who also attend College of Coastal Georgia along with my 14 year old son, who is home schooled. We also have three dogs who are our constant companions.

I am a very spiritual person who loves my family, the beach and any activity that is involved with helping others reach their full potential. I am nocturnal, have an endless amount of energy and love surfing, so I have lots of younger friends. I was also a youth pastor for many years so I relate well to teenagers and children. I also love to sing and play the piano. I am looking forward to attending this online class with each and every one of you! My picture is posted on the class roster if you would like to associate a face with my name.

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