Biological Development

Biological Development

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Biological Development
Mason and Riley biological changes that occur during their transition from Middle School to High School are dramatic. These changes can have major impact on a variety of development in different areas and in which individuals experience many changes, biological changes they are facing is puberty, and relations with family also peers. The social and educational changes can be related to transition from Middle School to High School. Riley has faced her maturity development as well Mason has but, they both are facing developmental period going through this transition. Although girls the evidence is more consistent and shows that early maturity is especially problematic. Early maturity for boys can be adventurous in particularly with respect to their participation in sports activities and social standing in school, although the findings for boys are not always consistent and change over time. Adjusting from Middle School to High School can be difficult and for the most part dealing with biological changes. Riley and Mason have to accomplish their work by going to school and making an impression to the teachers also their parents. Having a clear understanding they both are facing different points, it’s better to found out with sensitivity to the impact of pubertal changes may help early adolescents deal better with these changes. Riley and Mason thus experiencing greater depression and other adjustment issues However, they will be successful in their goals by using their own social development also motivation. Relations to family and peers may be a huge part during their transition but, it allowed them both see things clearly during the change.

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