Biology Investigation, on the Process of Osmosis

Biology Investigation, on the Process of Osmosis

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Osmosis Investigation

I am going to investigate how the strength of a solution affects osmosis.
I will complete this being taking an accurate measurement of the mass of a potato chip, before and after it has been in a certain solution for 48 hours and I will find out how much mass the chip has gained or lost in that 48 hour time period.
However there are many hazards, which could happen while this investigation, is taking place, whether people may trip over loose objects on the floor, so removing these items and placing them in a safe place would be a helpful point which could be done, to help prevent accidents. Also some equipment e.g. Test tubes, Potato Chipper and Knives could potentially be sharp so people will have to be wary about this factor and look after themselves, so not to harm themselves or others. Also the concentration being used may harm and irritate the eyes so goggles should be warn while this is being carried out.
Object Purpose Nearest Measurement
Potato Chipper Used to provide accurate cutting, of the chips. So that all chips would be same size (1cm, 1cm by 5cm) To the closest 1mm
Syringe Used to accurately insert fluid into holders. Nearest Millilitre
Balance Used to measure the mass of the chip Accurate to 2 decimal places
Boiling tube holder Used to hold the boiling tubes were the reaction is happening Holds 6 boiling tubes
Boiling tube This is where the actual investigation takes place. N/A
Cling film To stop Gas escaping from the boiling tube N/A
Sucrose solution The variable of the investigation N/A
Water This is used to dilute the solution N/A
Beaker Used to contain liquids Holds 75ml
Scalpel Used to accurately cut thing N/A
30cm long ruler Used to measure chip size Accurate to nearest mm
Tile Used to stop Scalpel cutting table N/A


I used 4 different sizes of potato chips to make sure I used a suitable size and that smaller or...

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