Biology-Medical Project

Biology-Medical Project

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Questions & Answers

Q1) What does antenatal care include?

-Advice on diet
-Guidance on motherhood
-Checks on fetus and mother

Q2) A pregnant woman is often advised to have more folic acid in her diet. Folic acid (a B vitamin) reduces the chances of a baby developing a serious birth defect. Pregnant women are also often advised to have more of the minerals calcium and iron in their diet. Why are these minerals important for the growing fetus?

Calcium: a) For strong bones and teeth or b) to allow blood clotting to occur or c) to prevent rickets
Iron: To make haemoglobin in blood and prevent anaemia.

Q3) In order to maintain good health, a pregnant woman undergoes a series of prenatal tests. State two tests that she would need to undergo and what these tests check for.

Test Reason for test

-Blood Tests (Haemoglobin) -To check mother is not anaemic
-Blood Tests (Blood Group) -In case an emergency blood transfusion is
needed, and to check for Rhesus compatibility
-Blood Tests (German measles Abs) -To check mother is immune & their is no risk of
virus crossing the placenta.
-Urine Tests (Blood sugar) -To check for diabetes
-Urine Tests (Protein) -To check for any damage to kidneys
-Vaginal examination -To check for presence of infection, e.g. thrush
-Vaginal examination -To check for cancer cells
-Blood pressure -To check for toxaemia
-Hormone checks -To check how well placenta is functioning
-Ultrasound scans -To...

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