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Speech #2: The Impromptu Speech

Purpose: To inform your audience about a quote, an idea, or a concept.

Specific Purpose Statement Examples:
• The audience will understand what “I have a dream,” means to me.
• The audience will know the latest news from the Colts.
• The audience will understand my definition of the perfect date.
• The audience will know my desert island essentials.

Assignment Description: Your topic will be selected for you. Your instructor will give you a brief amount of time to prepare Your goal is to express your attitude, personal viewpoint, and knowledge of the topic. Do not urge the audience to act on your topic – just inform them. Refer to pp. 241-242 of Chapter 13 in the text for more information on Impromptu Speeches. .

Points: 50

Time Requirements: 2-3 minutes

Delivery: This speech will be delivered impromptu, which means that it is NOT prepared in advance. Stay calm. Nervousness is normal, but if you can avoid expressions of anxiety or nervousness you will look like a pro. Use a conversational speaking style that talks naturally “with” us, not “at” us. Maintain eye contact you’re your audience. Keep movements and gestures natural.

Speaking Outline: It is not essential to create a speaking outline for an impromptu speech. Many speakers don’t. If your preparation time allows you to identify main points, this will help you put together a more effective introduction and conclusion. If you do create an outline, your instructor may or may not wish to see it. Check with your instructor first.

Organization: Your organization will vary depending upon the topic and the number of points you use.

Preparation Outline: It is difficult to prepare for impromptu delivery. You might, as your book suggests, try picking a topic you already know and speak about it for 2-3 minutes. You could record your comments in a tape or digital recorder to hear how you sounded. It may help you to think of the...

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