Biomedical Donation

Biomedical Donation

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What could you consider ethically moral or responsibility of all citizens? All of the citizens of the United States have responsibilities to obey all laws, serve on jury if called, and defend the country if the need arises. I believe that in the same way that we citizens have rights to our own freedoms, in that mindset we should have a choice whether people should be able to contribute to the medical community. The government is taking something of value from one set of citizens without their consent to benefit others, and those benefiting are not just the recipients dying on the organ donor waiting list.

Doctors aren't expected to harvest or implant organs for free. Hospitals aren't expected to provide their facilities and rooms for free. Organs aren't transported from one facility to another for free. Organ and tissue banks all make nice profits, just as the companies that use donated bone and tissue to make all sorts of medical products used in surgery. It shows that everyone is making money except for the people who provide the organs. It would be in the best interest of the people to have freedom to provide the organs for research.

Could profit be the only reason that people would consider being a product of medical research? It would be nice if good motives were enough to provide all the tissues needed, but in society the exchange of money for goods and services is the norm. People should be limited to the two options of giving their bodies away or having the government take them with consent. The solution to the tissue shortage is to allow a free market in all aspects of organ and tissue
attainment. Let the market do what it does best match those with goods and services with those who need them.

Under our current healthcare system, is it true that "everybody benefits" from the results of medical research? In or current state we could stand for more diversity in the way we approach the distribution of care. States don't need more laws, more...

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