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There are two types of rain forests. But they are both endangered. One type is tropical and it is most commonly found close to the equator. While the other type, the temperate, is most commonly found along the coasts in the temperate zone.

There are different types of plants all over the world. Here are just a few:

Banana & Plantain
Banana family
Both are closely related. Although plantains are used more like starch. Native to East Asia & Australia.
Both are growing throughout the tropics.
Sugar Cane
Grass family
Stems can reach up to ten ft. long, and filled with delicious sugar. Native to New Guinea, but was introduced to the New World by good ole Columbus during his voyage of 1493.

Nutmeg & Mace
Nutmeg family
Two different parts of the same fruit. Seed is the nutmeg, while the red net-like fiber that surrounds it is the mace. Native to Moluccas.

Indo - Malaysia
Ginger family
Common ingredient in Asian cooking. Native to
Southern Asia. Although it has been known to have major production in India, Jamaica, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

Black Pepper
Pepper family
Completely different than hot pepper. Native to India and Cambodia.
Mulberry family
100 lb. seeds surrounded by pineapple & banana flavored flesh. Seeds produced directly on trunk and branches. Native to S.E. Asia.

Spurge family
Common thickening agent that is the starch staple of over 500 million people. Can be toxic if not prepared properly. Native to Guatemala, Mexico, and N. Brazil.

Chicle or Sapodilla
Sapodilla family
Original base for chewing gum. (BEST PLANT EVER!!!)Native from S. Mexico to N. Brazil.

Spurge family
Slashes in the bark of the tree cause a latex sap exude from the tree. This sap is collected and used to produce rubber. Native to Brazilian Amazon.

Cola or Kola
Sterculia family
Seeds are very rich in caffeine. Related to the chocolate producing plant, Cacao....

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