Biometric Solutions for Personal Identification

Tormod Emsell Larsen

Master of Science in Communication Technology
Submission date: May 2008 Supervisor: Svein Johan Knapskog, ITEM Co-supervisor: Danilo Gligoroski, ITEM

Norwegian University of Science and Technology Department of Telematics

Problem Description
Establishing identity is becoming critical in the today's highly interconnected society and foolproof secure authentication solutions are desired. Biometrics, described as the science of recognizing individuals based on physical and behavioral traits, is gaining more popularity and acceptance as a legitimate method for determining identities. Some biometric methods are quite mature and considered reliable, while research on new and novel methods, which could be able to substitute or assist existing methods, is ongoing. The student will have to give a broad picture of the biometric technology today and related issues and challenges. In addition, one novel type of biometrics shall be elaborated in detail and its potential shall be explored.

Assignment given: 15. January 2008 Supervisor: Svein Johan Knapskog, ITEM

This thesis is written by Tormod Emsell Larsen, a student in the 10th and last semester of the Master’s program in Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It marks off the end of his specialization within the field of information security and the Master’s degree. The thesis was written during the spring semester of 2008 under the supervision of professor Svein Knapskog who deserves acknowledgement for his help and motivation throughout the whole semester. I am also very thankful to my co-supervisor, post doctor Danilo Gligoroski, for his useful input and ideas on the topic. I thank Steinar Watne and Patrick Bours from Gjøvik University College, who have worked on the same topic as me, for great discussions and exchange of ideas. I would like to express my gratitude to Aage...

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