Bioplastic Market International Analysis and Forecasts 2021

Bioplastic Market International Analysis and Forecasts 2021
“Global Bioplastic Industry 2021 Market
Research Report”

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Bioplastic is an organic material in which all carbons are derived from renewable resources via
biological processes. This material contains both renewable and fossil-fuel-based carbons. The
biodegradation of bioplastic may vary widely depending upon the proportion of bio-based ingredients
and the conditions (temperature and environment). Hence, it may or may not be biodegradable.
Some, but not all, bio-based plastic are designed to biodegrade.
Bioplastic are made from various renewable biomass sources such as vegetable fats and oils, cornstarch, pea starch, microbiota, potatoes, rice, tapioca, palm fibre, wood cellulose, agricultural by
products, wheat fibre and bagasse. In short, it can be composed from starches, cellulose, biopolymers,
and a variety of other materials.
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Bioplastic market is segmented based on types such as starch-based plastics, cellulose-based
plastics, some aliphatic polyesters, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), polyamide 11 (PA 11), bio-derived
polyethylene, and genetically modified bioplastic. Bioplastic have wide applications in disposable
and non-disposable items. Disposable items include packaging, crockery, cutlery, pots, bowls, straws,
bags, trays, fruit and vegetable containers, blister foils, egg cartons, bottling for soft drinks & dairy
products. Non-disposable applications include mobile phone casings, carpet fibres, insulation car

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