Biotech - 1

Biotech - 1

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Biotechnology represents a frontier advance in agricultural science, and has far-reaching potential in advancing global food production in an environmentally sustainable manner,” he stated, reiterating as well that “leading scientists around the world are attesting to the health and environmental safety of agricultural biotechnology, and now they are calling for genetically modified crops to be extended to the people who need it most - hungry people in the developing world.”

You cannot breathe without choking on the air. Your eyes are watering from the dust around. Your feet rest on breaking dry ground, and there are seemingly no signs of plants around. Is this our planet Earth? Can biotechnology save us from this dreadful fate?
Biotechnology has been around for a long time. Our ancestors have been making use of biotechnology for many things, such as the baking of bread using yeast. Biotechnology, as the word suggests, is the “fusion of biology and technology”1 (Medicinenet, n.d.), using biological techniques for product research and development.
Biotechnology, in Phytoremeditation, can be used to clean up the environment. Certain cleaning processes can be impossible or slow without the use of biotechnology. One example is the use of microbes to clean up wastewater. Biotechnology enables the degradation of wastes such as sludge, fats and other organic materials (Adbio, n.d.)2. These techniques are environmentally safe as opposed to non-biotechnology techniques, which may have serious implications on the environment.

The potential benefits include solving world food shortages, and improvements in medicine, agriculture, and veterinary sciences. We can confidently expect biotechnological solutions to many essential industrial processes that currently produce toxic effluents. An increasing role for biotechnology in environmental management will undoubtedly follow. Because the prospect of serious biohazards appears to be receding, it does not mean that strict...

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