Bird Flu

Bird Flu

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Bird flu…losses, deaths, and more

Suddenly, an epidemic called "bird flu" hit many countries in the

world, causing serious damages in many aspects, especially in economics

and society. Thousands of birds were assassinated, and about 200 people

worldwide got infected and died. Many people who worked in the birds

business have lost money, lost their main source of making a living,

became homeless, and suffer every day.

The epidemic hit Egypt, and the same consequences mentioned earlier

took place, but since the birds business in Egypt was a major one, the loss

was catastrophic, and many people were affected. One man was

"Abdelrazek Mohammed", 35 years old, married and has 4 children.

Abdelrazek was having a happy life, as he said, he was gaining enough

money from his birds' shop to feed his family, until the bird flu hit Egypt.

"They could have found another solution", Abdelrazek said, commenting

on the government decision to assassinate the birds and close the birds'

shops. Abdelrazek was surprised with the decision as all other people

who depend on raising and selling birds as their main source of money,

"it was like a decision to assassinate us with the birds and to end our lives

with the closing of our shops" said Abdelrazek.

More than 2 years passed, the epidemic still exist in Egypt, and the

country is getting financial aids from many international institutes like the

USAID and others, to help control the virus and prevent more human

losses, but what about people like Abdelrazek?, they don't get any aids,

what they will do to stay alive? How can they feed their families?. "I sold

every thing I own except my apartment, and I tried to find another work,

but I couldn't. We really experienced tough days" Abdelrazek said.

After 2 years, the government seems to have remembered people like

Abdelrazek, some birds' shops can now reopen, but under some


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