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BIS375 WK1

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E-Business Evolution
University of Phoenix

E-Business Evolution
In today’s business society, e-business has become a vital part of just about every major business in today’s world of technology. Many people overlook how e-business has change the way businesses operate business and the importance of its role in business. The fact is e-business can make or break a business. In the past several years e-business has exploded in the business world (Vitez, 2010b). Companies are forced to implement technology to create a competitive advantage in today’s business environment (Vitez, 2010).

The Evolution of E-Business
E-Business may have come on the business scene as a fad that many thought would fade away but that has not been the case. Society has embraced the internet and new technologies as a whole and companies have been all but forced to provide the e-business experience to keep up with their competitors. E-Business has proven to save businesses time, increases their efficiency, and given them a gateway to reach a broader audience without have to spend a great deal of money. E-Businesses role in the business sector certainly is of a great importance, it enables businesses to spend more time planning, and to develop strategies, which lead to profit because it reduces the amount of time needed to perform daily business activities. (Rampur, 2011). E-Business has many positives but there are negative impacts in some instances. The positive impacts are obvious, which include the faster operations, the ability to perform multiple tasks with fewer employees, and better communication and availability to the consumer base. E-Business has even change the way companies market and advertise. Companies can send messages or stream content directly to multiple consumers’ computer or personal computing device simultaneously (Vitez, 2010). This is cheaper than using old fashion methods for advertising. The negative is that business...

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