Bisleri Project

Bisleri Project




oBjectives of the project

1. The project will helped us to understand how different departments in production process works.
2. We will come to know how to do effective management of inbound logistics and outbound logistics, which in turn helps in bringing down the cost for the organization.
3. With the help of this project we would come to know different stages of production. i.e. inputs, conversion subsystem and finished goods stage.
4. To understand how and what types of machines are used while production
5. To understand what are the factors which is to be considered while selecting the plant layout.
6. To do the ABC analysis of Bisleri inventory.

Table Of Content

|Sr.No |Particulars |Page No |
|1. |About the Industry | |
|2. |About Bisleri | |
|3. |Departments in M/s Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd. | |
|4. |Production System Model | |
|5 |Production Process | |
|6 |Planning for production function | |
|7 |Plant Location | |
|8 |Plant Layout |...

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