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Immigration Interview Sal an immigrant from Uzbekistan. In my home country it was a

very messy life to live in. It was very hard to fit in a place were Jews were hated and

despised of. I was 19s old in college, very young and beautiful at that time. Many men

wanted me because their only mission was to marry someone and make a living and a life

with kids and joy, but I couldn’t handle the marriage situation right away. I continued on

with my studies to being an accountant. To help out in the family I had to start working, and the only job that I was good

in was sowing. It was a big fabric were many people had to make many clothes for

people to wear. It was a good job because my mother taught me how to saw when I was a

little girl, from then on I was a pro at it. I got paid a lot for what I have accomplished

because I was the fastest in doing it. I was always reassigned to different position because

I was the best until I got so good that they had no more positions of putting me in, so I

stayed as a manager, as in checking up on the clothing and how fast it was being done. After I got married my husband and I bought a house together, it was a gigantic

house. The house consisted of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It wasn’t a regular house it

was a rancho, which had no floors besides an attic. It had a very big yard which was the

size of 2 houses, we had many, many, fruit trees all around the garden. The house was a

brick and stone made it had a red and gray color to it. I really liked not paying for the rent

because we didn’t have rent at that time, so we didn’t have to waste any money on rent ot

mortgages, the things that made the whole population hate their homes were that in the

winter their weren’t any gas so it was very hard cook food at times, in the summer it was

so hot that the waster dried up and we were dying of thirst. I...

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