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consumer opinion

Laila, aged 16:

“ i like the colours of the skirt and top as they really go well together. i also liked the drawings with gutta as they made it more

this skirt is from the website its is 100% cotton and has the length of 19in / 48cm. the price of this skirt is £22 and similar to my skirt it has a leaf pattern and its the same type of skirt as mine as they are both fitted. This skirt is similar to my skirt as it has the leaf print pattern which mine has and the skirt is also a tight fit which is also similar to my skirt. i think these products are attractive to my target market as you can wear these types of skirts for special occasions throughout the year. they are very versatile and can also come in a variety of patterns and colours which can also be worn for a number of occasions. i think this product shares the same restrictions as mine does which is that because it is a tight fit and also comes above the knee that you would have trouble walking in and restricts different leg movements; this might put people of my target audience off. both my skirt and this skirt are quite short which would also put parents off their daughters wearing this. The cost of this particular skirt is the average price for a skirt in the high street shops but double the price of my skirt which will make more profit as the fabrics used are cottons which wouldn't cost so much to stitch together. with this skirt selling well my product fits into the requirements of this particular style of the skirt on the market.