Abdelhadi Megatli

Bosworth, R. Anne

ENC 1101

06 February 2015

2-Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn't Call the police

March, 27, 1964 , it was a cold Thursday night that I would never forget ; I was in my room about to fall a sleep when suddenly at about 11:15 A.M. I heard a horrifying screaming of a lady saying " Oh, my god, he stabbed me ! please help me !please help me ! " so I got up and went to the living room window to check what's going on , as I entered the living room the light were on and my parent were standing by the window chocked and frightened , I asked what's going on ? they did not answer , so I looked up by the window and saw a women laying on the floor still alive and was agonizing , I wanted to help her but I was afraid the killer would come back and he did come back just few minutes later to finish what he started ,we didn't have phone in my house so I told my dad " Am going go call the police " , but my parents did not allow me to go out and they didn't want me to get involve , I should of went out side and made that call at least she would still be alive , I am ashamed of my self . I thought the denial by the insurance company to the 9/11 rescuers were cruel. The rescuers search throughout the site for any sign of human bodies. As a result, they risk their health for other people. Even the heroic people were turned down after what they have done. It is an outrage. I thought that it was unbelievable and insane when Moore actually took these

people by boat from Florida to Cuba for the medical treatments they deserve. By doing so, Meachel Moore implicitly shows how America's lacks support for its people, as Moore and the 9/11 rescuers have to find the medical care and support in another country, and again one more time it made me angary to see other countries better than us, what do they have that we don't?? as I was watching the movie I really wanted to move to someplace in Europe or even Cuba...

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