Black Belt Test

Black Belt Test

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Black belt test

I was first interested in karate when i was two and a half years old, i was at my big brothers basketball game . I saw a poster of a group of kids wearing karate uniforms, right then and there i knew i wanted to start karate.

I remember saying to my mom "i want to do this" as i pointed to the poster. My mom didn't think i knew what it was so i told her it was karate, her face looked puzzled because of my answer.

Either the next day or later that week i don't remeber but my mom brought me back to the Boy's and Girl's Club and before we could open the door of the room where they were practicing, the teacher came to the door and told my mom and i "NO she's to young, you have to be six to start her she cant do karate". then he shut the door on us.

Since i still wanted to start karate and i would not stop talking about it my mom continued to look for a karate school that would let me start at my age. Finally we found a school which was not far from our house. I didn't get to excited but i really was i saw all the kids running on the track outside in there uniforms. We walked up to sensei Bobby, (we didn't know he was sensei Bobby until later) and ask how old do you have to be to start. He told us he wasn't the guy to ask, but when you see a guy pull up with a blue beat up truck, corn rolls and a head band on, he's the one you want to talk to.
We waited outside for ten minutes or so when a beat up blue truck showed up and the guy with corn rolls and head band got out.
(shihan we didn't know him at that time). My mom and i talked to him and asked, how old do you have to be to start? he said three. We told him i was two and a half years old and he said he would make an exception because my birthday was coming up.

I remember my first class,shihan introduced me to shidoin Lianne and shidoin Sherry they trained me most of the time. They were very good at showing me everything from how to bow to some of what i know...

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