Black British Contibution in Literature as a Result of British Society Treatment

Black British Contibution in Literature as a Result of British Society Treatment


In Britain, literature is considered as the most prestigious form of arts. It is prestigious because it is the subject of adaptation and further experiment in making a film, theatre, plays, and television series. Literary changes mainly occurred around the nineteenth centuries and somehow related with the variety of cultural citizens in Britain. Novel and Poetry are the most to be affected by many factors happening in Britain. From the early influence to the British literature today, new waves, style, and themes has arose and gave variety of literature. One main point that this essay will cover is the emergence of performance poetry and some similar identical way of delivering the poetry in immigrants’ point of view. Mostly, this essay will talk about the circumstances involved in the making of poems by West Indies immigrants and the black people. Concerning the performance poetry expansion, this essay will also talk about what effect that it brings and gives on the immigrants known as black British in around nineteenth century. Black British involvement brings some new style of performance poetry, which nowadays remains in the society and even throughout the world. It is an interesting way to see literary changes on black people’s view and therefore this essay is made on that purpose.

Key words: black british; british literature; performance poetry.


We are all aware that British literature is, in fact, a combination of the contributions of all those who have settled there. From the post world war to the present day, many factors have taken part in creating new waves of literary energy. One of those factors is the arrival of the immigrants, which most likely comes from their Commonwealth colonies in West Indies. Having invited as a social worker and labor, this non-white British national, known as Black British, is considered themselves as a working class and...

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