Black Hand

Black Hand

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Something to Cherish for a Lifetime

The five days from31st of October to the 4th of November won’t just be memorable for me but it will also be memorable for the other 41 delegates and I can guarantee that. It will be an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime. None of us ever thought that the conference would end in such a way that it would leave us with memories that we can never forget.

At first we didn’t know where we were going as the school and its people were complete strangers to us. For some of us, this was our first venture abroad without our families. We didn’t know what lay ahead of us. However, from the very first moment at the Welham Boys’ School campus, we felt like we were at home. Our escorts, Fahad and Arpit, were so welcoming that we actually forgot that we had met for the first time. Not only our escorts but the other students as well and not to mention the staff became our instant friends.

We had the privilege of sharing the same dormitory with all the male delegates from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal. At first we eyed each other warily, not being quite certain about our individual temperaments; but as each minute passed by, the friendship between us grew stronger. Soon we realized that even though we were from different countries, we weren’t actually different at all. Our ideas and thoughts were the same and even our cultures were not so different and who knew that we were soon to realize that we would become such good friends that we wouldn’t want to leave each other at all.

We never knew that we would do so many things together. I will miss all the things we did. I will miss playing football, sharing tents, living in the same hostel, having pizza on the floor, trekking the mountain, singing by the bonfire and even dancing gangnam style together during a flash mob. I will truly miss the school and the memories. This experience has been mesmerizing and has actually taught me the true meaning of friendship. I would like...

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