Black History

Black History

An Original By Shadab Mumtaz
Black History Month 2/25/07

It's My Family, My Blood, My Rights, and My Country too

When I look at you,
my life shows a purpose, a meaning that must be fulfilled, it cannot be wasted,
I know whatever hardships come to humanity, I will have the duty to fight for its right, I have no excuse,
But will I be as brave and courageous as you,
to participate in boycotts, march with out the fear of being killed
or even being hosed down

Oh Martin, oh Rosa, oh Thurgood, oh Harriet,

When it was hard you didn't give up, when your family was murdered you didn't stop, when obstacles came you took them on,
Life comes and goes,
Those who finally understand it then always regret it,
Because life will never give another chance,
And to waste a life, it would be better never to receive one

I look on my left and right I see blacks, whites. browns, reds, blues, and yellows,
it's all because of you,
a black man was arrested for murder, thank you Mr. Marshall you freed an innocent man

If a child can understand that it takes all the colors to make a beautiful painting,
why can't the Adults understand that it takes all the colors to make a beautiful world

You put your life behind others and freed hundreds of slaves, risking that if you got caught, you'd be sold and bought, Ms. Tubman, thank you,

Even though you tried,
and tried,
you never gave up,
No one will ever understand, the sacrifices you gave, the recognition you deserve,
It hurts, how could some one hate you so much,
That they want you dead,
that they believed that they were supreme to another life or race,
I just hope, some one felt you, understood the sacrifices that you gave for the benefit of others,
Am I supposed to ignore that,
I can't,
I won't

Your dream was heard, word by word, in front of hundreds of thousands, you had won, without using the...

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