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So Obama is President of the United States. History, right? Oh yes, history indeed. This past election will forever go down in history as the single, most important and memorable election of our time. No doubt. But we won! Now it’s time to celebrate! Time to celebrate because we finally have an African American in the White House. The epitome of the ‘HNIC’. Yeah, definitely reason to celebrate, right? Well … not quite.

In order to understand this, step by step, you have to understand that race is a social construct. It is nothing more than a tool used to acknowledge difference among people. It is an illusion, an immensely moot point. Far too much time, energy and consideration go into race and stereotypes. All of this effort spent on something that means absolutely nothing. All of our differences are technicalities. Technically, we Are different, I’m not going to act like we’re not. But stripped of all of the worldly concerns and constructs, we are all human, that is all. Truthfully, we are not all that different. But since race’s implementation, we have been blinded from this truth.

On the other hand, racism is very real. But how can that be so if race is imaginary? Simple. Think about it like this: Race can be correlated to a lie. Racism is everything that results because of the belief in that lie. The lie is of course untrue and nonexistent, but the consequences are very real. Race is a construct, racism is a consequence of that construct.

The acts of racism and discrimination have forced not just blacks, but people all over the globe to accentuate the past. So much of our lives is hinged and built solely around our past. This is a blockade, folks, seriously. Our past is what shapes us, but we shape our future. Our past doesn’t have to have to determine our future, it shouldn’t. But wait! I can’t just act like nothing happened, can I? I can’t just… Belittle all that we’ve had to endure. You’re right, I can’t do that. But what I can do is say that...