Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin


Thesis statement: BG is overrated
I. He is an average scorer
II. He has too many turnovers
III. He has no personality when interviewed.
Conclusion: I’m not jealous player and I wish BG well, however he has a lot to learn before he will ever reach the level of exceptional

Blake Griffin is overrated

As a basketball, I feel that Black Griffin is highly overrated. He is featured on many magazine covers, on TV commercials, and even has his own gym show. While I am, in no way, jealous of his successes, I simply cannot understand why people like him so much because I do not believe that he does enough on the courts to show why he’s work that much of our attention.
For one, I believe that he is an average scorer. He averages 20 points a game, 4 assists and 2 steals per game. This is not exceptional and, according to NBA standards, this would not make him a basketball rock star.

Secondly, Blake Griffin makes too many turn overs. In the Atlanta game, Blake Griffin turned the ball over 5 times! He not only, turned the ball over many times, but he also failed to score for the entire third quarter.

Blake Griffin is a terrible free throw shooter. He shooting percentage for free throws is a measly 60% percent, even at home. He has a crazy sky hook that reminds you of Kareem Abdul Jabaar in his old days. It’s a really ugly looking shot which he only makes 60% of the time. A rock star he is not.

Lastly, I feel that Blake Griffin is overrated because he simply has no personality. He comes off as very arrogant and he gives an extremely boring interview. To be great and well-rounded in the NBA today you have to be able to communicate and carry on a conversation. Listening to Blake speak is painful. He has a tendency to repeat himself and never seems to have anything important to say. I cannot imagine him sitting at a desk working as a sports analyst any time soon. What would he have to say that anyone would want to...

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