Integrity is the single most important quality you can ever develop that will enhance

every part of your life. Would you give the extra change back to the cashier if they gave

you too much? Or would you just keep it for yourself? If you saw someone drop money

and/or their wallet, would you go find them or turn it in? Or keep the money and stuff in

the wallet? These are all good examples of integrity and good character. Having integrity

means being completely truthful and honest in every part in your own life. Character and

integrity are not only what we display for others to see, us as but whom we are and when

no one is watching. The definition of integrity on is adherence to moral and

ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Integrity is not something that someone can just hand to you. It is a characteristic

that you have to teach yourself and it is something you have to practice by yourself. It is a

value, like courage and intelligence. It is your choice to live by those values. These values

form and create your character, personality and your reputation. Integrity is what solidifies

your values and causes you to live them with consistency.

Integrity and honesty are the foundations and keystones of a good character. Good

character is doing the right thing because it is right to do what is right. Abraham Lincoln

once said, “Reputation is the shadow, character is the tree.” This says that reputation is the

thing that we display to others but character is what we what and who we actually are. Not

just how people perceive us as. Character is one of the greatest things you can build on and

make better every single day. But none of this can be done without honesty and integrity.

To live a completely true and honest life, you first have to be completely true and

honest with others. And to be completely true and honest with others, you must first be...