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December 22, 2008
Ms. Michelle Ryan
Broward College
765 Southfield Road
Marietta, GA 30068
Dear Ms. Ryan:
Subject: Educational Films for High Schools and Colleges
Thank you for your interest in the films we have available for high school and college students. We are pleased to send you the enclosed flyer which describes the films in detail. Also enclosed is a summary of those films that have recently been added to our collection since the publication of the flyer.

There have been many positive reactions to our films. Just three weeks ago, a group of educators, editors and vocational experts were invited to view the films at the annual EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE. Here are some of their comments:

We will be sure to send the films in time for you to preview them. Please be sure to list the date on which you wish to preview the film.

Mr. William R. Bondlow, Jr., president of the National Vocational Center in Washington, D.C. and editor-in-chief of Science Careers, said,

I like the films very much. They are innovative and a great benefit to all those interested in the earth sciences as a professional career.

Ms. Andra Burke, a leading expert presently assigned to the United States Interior Department, praised the films by saying that,

They are major educational advance in career placement, which will serve as a source of motivation for all future geologists.

A member of the National Educational Center, Dr. Lawrence Pilgrim, also liked the films and

These are just some of the reactions we have had to our films. We know you will have a similar reaction.

We would very much like to send you the films that you would like during the summer session. You can use the summer to review them. It is important that your request be received quickly since the demand for the films is great, particularly during the...