Blocks preventing language learning

Blocks preventing language learning

What do you consider to be the blocks which may prevent language learning?

A number of things prevent people from learning. Of course, some people do not have the mental abilities to learn. Assuming that we are not talking about mentally challenged people, below can be some of the obstacles for adopting a new language:

1. Attitude – Mind-set plays an important role in determining how well one can adopt a new language. If you have a positive approach towards learning, language adoption becomes a much easier task. An assertive child is confident, self-assured, and positive in his or her interactions with others.

2. Cultural believes and background – If the environment in which one is brought up has a specific belief about a particular language, the same is seen to be passed over to the next generation. Therefore, a person might have a special dislike or a complete different perception about a language due to his/her environmental/societal reasons.

3. Lack of willingness – This can be one of the primary reasons for not being able to learn a new language. If a student is unwilling to take the risk of attempting to speak and listen in the new language, he/she will retain very little. Leaning a new language requires communicating and practicing the language, which someone might avoid probably because he/she doesn’t want to come out of his/her comfort zone; which causes hindrance in language acquisition.

4. Shyness, fear or low self esteem - If the student is frightened or does not feel safe in class or in a new culture, language learning will not make progress. Self-motivation plays an important role to keep away these factors from learning. When you know that you're going to be facing something unfamiliar, you really need to ramp up the self esteem and overcome your fears (if any).

5. Distractions – If the place which you choose to study is full of distracting factors such as a switched on TV or computer chat rooms, cell phone texting, loud music,...

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