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Learn about more Tourism


The purpose of this book is to understand tourism and it many definition, and this will make you see how to appreciate this industry to the economy of the world and of many countries.


- is travel for recreational or leisure purposesis the activity where people travel for leisure purposes or recreational, traveling from one destination to another and staying in different places outside their usual environment. We call the people who stay one or more days and nights in place visited were the Tourist. The Center of economic interest said to be exist on some location in which people live, places of production or the other vicinity-within the economic territory on or from, which it offers, and continue what it can offer in economic activities. Tourism is one of the important industries that greatly contribute to the economy of the Philippines.

Inbound Tourism
- tourism of non-resident visitors within the economic territory of the country reference, examples are when people of different countries such as Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other country were going to visit Philippines as a visitor of our country that’s what we call inbound tourism. Much easier to say is visitors that are coming in the country to have a tour or visit our country.

Outbound Tourism - tourism of resident visitors outside the economic territory of the country reference, example are when a resident of a country like Philippines “Filipinos” visited a place outside the country that’s what we call outbound tourism. Much easier to say is visitors that are going out of the country to visit another place or another country.


Base on Sharon White writing it is said to be that Babylonia and Egyptian empires where can be traced the earliest form of leisure tourism. “Historic Antiquities” is place in a museum that was open to the public in the sixth...

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