Blood and Forever

Blood and Forever

Family is Blood and Forever

I was brought into this world on June 26, 1993, unacquainted with what this world

had in store for me. I would consider myself to be quite the established,

dependable, motivated, determined person I am today. I wouldn’t be this

person I am today without some very important people who have influenced me,

and supported me through the sad and enjoyable days. Though some days are

very rigid and complicated, I try to complete my day even if I had trials to face

against fear. In these experiences, my family always got me. They would always

remind me of bad thoughts that people could throw unto me, telling me that that’s

just life. They would do any sacrifice just to keep me positive.

My days were a routine like how the arm on my clock would cycle through the

hours and be at the same location every day. I would wake up and pray

remember my manners that my parents taught me, use the magic words.

The maid would serve me egg, rice and orange juice for breakfast, which would

take me hours just to eat. After that I brush my teeth, which my dad would check

afterwards to see if I really had brushed them. As I watch

the clock turn to 7:00 am, I rise up and as soon as I see my

Dad clench, that’s the time I would run to the car and nervously

shout at the driver to hurry. We would rush to school

because I’m running late, and I already had a note in my diary for having loads of

tardy slips and that I have to work on my morning routine at home.

Studying for me was a dull division of my life, answering my books and

replicating my notes was never my anticipation. I was never interested on

answering seatworks and apparently listening to my teacher. I would rather

sleep, talk to my seatmate, draw my family and a house on a bond paper or play

at the biggest space of the classroom, which is at the back. We had cubiclets

back then that would be incomplete without plastic toys. Every...

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