Blood Brothers Review

Blood Brothers Review

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Blood Brothers Review by Rosie

Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’ is a very clever play that is based on superstitions and the life of a pair of twins.
The story is about twins that have been separated at birth; their mother already has more children than she can afford and being a single mother she barely has enough money to feed one more mouth let alone two! So she makes the heart breaking decision to give one of her twins too her employer, Mrs Lyon’s, as she and her husband cannot have children of their own. She is upper class and is very wealthy and owns a large house, whereas Mrs Johnson is a working class woman and lives in a council house! Mrs Lyons says that Mrs Johnson can come and see her child every day but this agreement is soon shattered when Mrs Lyon’s states that she no longer want Mrs Johnson to work for her. She is afraid that one day Mrs Johnson will confess their secret - it’s safer if she is no longer a regular visitor to the house. Both ladies are very superstitious. Mrs Lyon’s reveals her belief that if twins are separated at birth they can never find out that they are twins, and that if they do they will both die at the same time. Mrs Johnson has to believe her. This bombshell forces Mrs Johnson to leave her job and carry on with her own life. Even though she is filled with sorrow, as she will never see her son growing up, she is too afraid to go back on her word in case the superstition comes true.
Later on, the boys, Mickey and Eddy, meet through playing cops and robbers with all the other kids. As they begin to talk, they discover that they were born on the same day and so they become ‘blood brothers’. Their relationship flourishes and their paths cross many times in later life, resulting in tragic consequences.

The show starts off by telling you the ending of the story, so from the very beginning you know what the fate of the Johnson twins is. As the first half begins, you forget about Mickey’s and Eddy’s tragic ending...

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