blood brothers

blood brothers

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A report about how the different body systems link to coronary heart disease and asthma.

To begin with, coronary heart disease is where blocked or clogged arteries limit blood flow to the heart and decreasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered.

Asthma is a respiratory condition that evolves due to the narrowing of the airways.

One of the treatments for coronary heart disease is statins this reduces cholesterol. Statins such as atorvastatin which inhibits an enzyme (HMG-COA) that controls production in the liver. To slow down production of cholesterol.
The digestive system is constructed to perform its specialized function of turning food into the energy you need to survive and also storing the residue of waste disposal.

Another treatment for asthma are inhaler which are devices that deliver medications straight into your lungs as you breathe in. A reliever inhaler is used to relieve asthma symptoms quickly. Which contains short acting beta 2 –agonist which relaxes the muscles around narrowed airways, the airways will open wide making it easier to breathe.

There are two types of pumps a reliever and a preventer.
The reliever pump helps to get the medicine straight to the lungs, so it can quickly relax the muscles in the respiratory system surrounding your airways relaxing your airways very quickly to allow you to breathe more easily. The reliever inhaler links to the respiratory and muscular system.

The preventer pump helps the medicine get right into your lungs so it can work where it's needed to prevent and reduce the swelling and inflammation in your airways. This inhaler will have an effect on the

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