Bloody One

Bloody One

The idea in the Bloody One is that hundreds of years ago the vampire legends were started because of people having diabetes and starting to act weird and look weird, like having longer teeth and white skin and being really thirsty and afraid of sunlight. In some ways the book is very scientific. But mostly it is just about a girl named Shawna Kant who is goth and not-goth, and is really pissed off at just about everybody especially her parents.

It starts because Shawna gets bit by a bat when she is a little kid, and she has to get rabies shots, and then she gets diabetes. She thinks she got diabetes because of the bat or the rabies shots.

Shawna has a nerdy friend named Mark, and then she gets a crush on this cool kid named Dylan, and he introduces her to a bunch of his goth friends, and this creepy guy named Wayne who is creepy because he is completely normal except for the fact that he throws booze parties for kids and raises butterflies for a hobby. He also drives around in a hearse painted yellow.

Meanwhile, Shawna is having trouble with her diabetes, which makes her act really weird sometimes, and she almost freezes to death but the nerdy guy saves her, which I thought was sort of hokey but most of the rest of the book is good, except for the part where Shawna has to write a book report on The Old Man and the Sea.

The author is interesting because she has diabetes too, which was what made her write the book report. She is also a well-known vampire.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in vampires, diabetes, gothism, or just a good story.

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