Blooms Taxomy

Blooms Taxomy

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Describe the research conducted on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education and its use in Nursing Education . good background but clearly id what the research was
• Describe the applications of the research conducted on Nursing Education you do have sources that appear to be from research but you need to clearly identify what the research was
• Discuss the three domains outlined in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education good discussion but try to give an example from practice or nursing throughout
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• The response is 350- to 700- words in length.see comment about intor
• The content is comprehensive and accurate.
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• Citations of original works within the paper are consistent with APA guidelines.
• The plan is laid out in APA style, with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space.
• The content follows rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation. Use heading throughout
• Sentences are complete, clear, concise, and varied.
• Spelling is correct.
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Blooms Research and Response
Gregory Palladino
September 8, 2014
Karen Rousseau

Blooms Research and Response
Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational objectives was developed in 1956 and was named after Benjamin Bloom. It was created to classify learning objectives for teachers and students while creating a more holistic approach to education. “This taxonomy has been used extensively by educators in allied health fields, including nursing, to structure lesson plans and outcome testing” (Larkin & Burton, 2008, p. 394). This is commonly used in the nursing field to help create learning tools for educational purposes. “Educators can facilitate knowledge transfer by developing instructional designs that incorporate subject content and cognitive processes related to the use of the subject content” (Contin,...

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