Blue Spirit Business Report

Blue Spirit Business Report

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3.1 3

Mission Statement 3
SWOT Analysis 3
Strengths 3
Weaknesses 3
Opportunities 4
Threats 4

3.2 5

Objectives 5
Short Term Objectives 5
Medium Term Objectives 5
Long Term Objectives 5
Strategies 6

3.3 8

Question 1 8
Question 2 10

3.4 11

Customised Retreat 11
1. Determine the minimum price Blue Spirit could bid on this retreat. 11
2. The partners feel they may be able to lower the variable costs of the retreat by 8%. If this were achieved, what is the minimum price they could bid? 11
3. A subsidiary of the mining company would like to place three of its employees on the retreat. The mining company has no issue with this but will not meet the cost. What is the minimum price Blue Spirit could charge the subsidiary for these three employees? 12

4.1 13

Overcoming Weakness 13

4.2 14

Seizing Opportunity 14


Mission Statement

Blue Spirit’s mission is to provide a unique, holistic holiday retreat, and become the leading premier service to customers within the Margaret River Region

SWOT Analysis


Experience – All three partners have extensive experience in the surf and adventure tourism industry. Each brings strong and unique skill sets which are paramount for a successful business.

Strong working relationship – The business is run by close friends & family and therefore the working relationships should be strong & passionate.

Other business ventures – Owning the Margaret River Surf School and previously The Wallcliffe guest house shows experience in the industry. They also have a large number of contacts in the region and a small established clientele base.

Global experience – Some of the owners have vast international experience and as a result, they have been able to use information and tips from overseas...

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