Blue Turtle Company BTC

Blue Turtle Company BTC

Blue Turtle Clothing Company
Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

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Problem Statements
Blue Turtle Clothing Company (BTC) second year in business was unsuccessful at a loss position of $2,117, although full time dedication and commitment were in place. Currently Carlie Melcher is looking for a way to turn the business around including expanding the market strategy and evaluating options for distribution channels.

Company Objectives
BTC needs to improve its performance, including the following:
expand market strategy
improve financial results
owner's payout of $1,400/mth during summer months

Company Background
BTC began its operations in May of 2003, with a seasonal store in Sauble Beath, Ontario. Carlie Melcher is the owner, she is well educated and in receipt of the "Best Developed Business Plan Concept" award. BTC line of products range in the following:
women's casual and athletic wear
kids clothing
hemp necklaces
emu oil
soaps & shampoos

Situation Analysis
Carlie Melcher's formal education & experience
Open 7 days a week
No labour costs, mother works free of charge
Products in high demand
Low priced products
Various distributions channels such as partnerships with Fitness clubs
Promotion activities - discounts and end of summer sales

Sauble Beach store location off the "main strip", competition is on the main...

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