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MW sets car and business strategy for the future
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BMW has given the car industry food for thought with its new business strategy outlining new cost-saving initiatives up to 2020, but more important to us is the confirmation of several new vehicles.

Yesterday in a presentation in Munich, Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG announced a 'strategic realignment' of the company that will tap into potentially six billion euros by 2012 in efficiency potential, based on their EfficientDynamics principle. In simple terms: 'More output for less input.'

BMW will predictably retain its place in the premium segment, which has a projected growth between 2005 and 2019 of 40 percent, double that of the mass market segment - and so who can blame them.

Most interesting from all of this however, is the future of BMW cars. The German manufacturer confirmed that a new X1 model will become part of the X-range alongside the X3 and X5. Unsurprisingly, BMW will make a production version of the X6 Concept seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Another concept making it to production is the massive CS study concept based on a four-door GT. The car was shown in Shanghai earlier this year and could rival the upcoming Porsche Panamera andAston Martin Rapide, possibly under a new 8 or 9 Series badge.

Improving upon initial production plans, BMW has decided to ditch a Space-Functional Concept (SFC) in favour of a 'Progressive Activity Sedan' (PAS), creating a new market segment without deviating from the BMW brand image to the same degree as the SFC was perceived to do.

MINI will also expand its range in the future with a 4x4 Sports Activity Vehicle, which has been rumoured for some time. As has a Rolls-Royce Coupe - the third instalment in the Phantom range. Norbert Reithofer also gave away that a smaller, less pricey Rolls will appear, positioned below the Phantom.

With rivals such as the Chrysler Group...

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