“To Kill A Mockingbird is the story of courage.” Discuss

Whilst no doubt “To Kill A Mockingbird” is a story of courage, it is much more. The novel is an exploration of the need for tolerance and understanding and this obviously often involves courage in its various forms. To suggest that it is the story of courage is to make too large a claim as many other works exist which might legitimately deserve the title.

The novel deals with different types of courage. First there is physical courage, the ability to face danger and to fight against difficulties. Atticus, when he was in the jailhouse, showed physical courage when he stood up to the mob. He put his own welfare at danger to protect Tom Robinson. Not many people would be willing to put their life in danger for someone else. Also, Atticus showed courage when he shot the rabid dog. He doesn’t see it as very heroic as he had the upper hand and a gun. Plus, Chuck Little was half the size of Burris Ewell but still had the courage to face him and not back down. They all have shown courage when faced with danger.

From showing tolerance and understanding in physical courage, they also showed it in social courage, the ability to stand up to one’s peers. By representing Tom Robinson, Atticus needed social courage. From respect to being spat on, the people’s attitudes were summed by Mrs. Dubose’s quote, “Your father is no better than the niggers and trash he works for.” Atticus was even copping flak from his sister, Aunt Alexandra, who was telling him that he was bringing disgrace on the family. But still he didn’t budge. Without Atticus’ social courage, Tom Robinson would be dead before the trial had commenced.

Plus, if there wasn’t any social courage, Scout and Jem would have been killed. Boo Radley, a reclusive person due to all the gossip surrounding him, ventured out of his house and saved Scout and Jem from the evil hands of Bob Ewell who did not show any kind of courage after being humiliated by...