Ever since I can remember, i have lived for snowboarding. I love the excitement that burst out just before descending down the mountain. I love the wind blowing by at fierce speeds. The feeling of almost flying when going off an enormous jump is the ultimate rush. Snowboarding is an exciting, fast paced sport, that allows you to fly.

The excitement of snowboaring begins at the top of the mountain. First deciding which part of the mountain you want to go down. Secondly making share that you are locked into the snowboard correctly. Third the anticipation when looking down the mountain, and realizing you are about to conquer it. The excite of snowboarding always starts at the top.

Going down a snow covered mountain is really fast paced. When a person grouches down those wind speeds are very intense. The wind blows fiercely against your face. The snow blows all around making it difficult to see. It is really intense blowing down a mountain that fast.

You feel like a bird, after jumping off a 40 ft jump. Your heart begins to pound as you realize how high, and how fast you are really going. Once at the highest point in your jump anything is possible: you are now flying. After doing a trick it is time to think quickly how to land, and how to land standing up. Going off a jump is an absolute rush.

Duting the winter season snowboarding is a huge part of my life. It gives you the ability to fly without wings. It is a fun, fast paced spor , and is an awesome adrenaline rush.

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