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"BOASTING" a word, which we all use while backbiting! If we travel back in time say a hundred years; if someone used this word we would have felt the need of opening up our pocket dictionaries! Indeed in those days no one boasted of one's wealth or precious possessions because the early man did not need to. The people of those days were simple and straightforward. If they liked a thing they would praise it whole-heartedly not like today's man who rather feels jealous of another man's possession!

Instead of praising it our so called "Civilized Man" exclaims "Hey, What a coincidence I have one too". Yes the jealousy is quite evident! So we gave rise to a term called "BOASTING" which all of us commit at least twice a week. The question that arises is ‘Why the hell do we need to boast about our personal possessions?'. The most possible simple answer could be to prove that we are better than others in all materialistic aspects of our life. I have used the word "Materialistic" because we can never ever boast about spiritual stuff because it teaches us that this world is for the greedy and hypocrites not for spiritual people.

Well we cannot deny the fact that sometimes we should boast of our any special quality or else how would the people be aware of it? Sometimes people who are depressed should boast to boost up themselves. Boasting does make one fell good about oneself and we get confidence, the thing that is the key to success!

So it's up to you guys i.e. we the people inhabiting in this world. Boast how much you want but take care as to you do not hurting other people's feelings.

"Fatima Ghafoor!"