Boat trip

Boat trip

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It was a sunny July day. I was heading out to the lake to go swimming at my friend Jakes grandparents’ house. His grandparents had a nice house in a small bay with a sand beach. There were always things to do out there when it seemed like there was never anything going on. But today would turn out to be a day that I would never forget.

Jake and his older brother Zack were playing a game of horse when I pulled into the driveway. I joined them and ended up getting pretty tired. We all jumped in the lake to cool off. There used to be a little floating dock in the middle of the bay that we used to swim to and hangout on. It wasn’t out there that day so we decided to have lunch on the pontoon boat. After we ate our lunch we cast some Northern pike spoons off the boat hoping that maybe we’d get lucky and hook into something. After many casts with no luck, I raised the question of whether or not we should go out on the lake. Zack thought it was a great idea since we had some minnows left to use. Jake on the other hand thought it was a little rough out on the lake. So it was decided that we’d go out and tuck in behind an island and try to catch some walleye.

We made it out on the lake and started fishing. We weren’t having much luck so we pulled the boat up on the beach and explored for a while. After climbing some trees and checking out the island we saw another island that Zack thought might be better fishing. The only thing was that it was a little farther away from his grandparents then Jake would have liked. But Zack was the oldest and he decided what we should do. So we got on the boat and headed for the island. We sat behind the island catching a ton of fish. We each caught enough to fill our limit for the day, but we kept fishing until the sun started to go down. By this time the bite had slowed down a little and Zack wanted to start heading back to the bay. We got all of our gear situated and pulled...

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