A blog or is a web log; so if you take away the W and the E from web and put the two words together you get blog. A blog is a way to express your thoughts opinions and feeling through the web. People blog about things like sports, events, politics and food. In short blogging is an internet journal about virtually anything.

The history of blogging started in 1983 named mod.ber, this was the first individual internet log controlled by an individual named Brian Redman. In 1994-2001 as the internet grew the blogging community did as well. Many people started posting “online diaries” many called themselves diarists and journalists. By 2001-2004 the blog was huge but mainly in politics, journalists and politicians were blogging and stating their opinions about issues in the world. Today all this remains but now it is huge in almost every aspect of the world. You can most likely find a blog on anything on any website.

Sean McCormick gives weekly blogs on issues mainly in sports on A few weeks ago he gave his opinion on a separatist lawyer who thinks Finnish hockey player Saku Koivu should know French because he lives in Quebec, a predominantly French province of Canada. McCormick says this is outrageous and just to give Saku a break because he didn’t know any English coming from a foreign country and to give him more of a chance before judging him.

However blogging has its consequences. Once you let out a blog you let out your voice that is going to heard. This voice is going to be liked, disliked, agreed or disagreed with so you must expect some sort of feedback. Some people are even charged with defamation or liability, and many cases have went to trial.

Blogging is a way to express yourself about virtually anything through the internet. People will blog about anything in the early blogging days it was more personal diary now in more politics and world events. All in all a blog is a way to show what you feel or find what others feel about...

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