Boeings Management Planning Paper

Boeings Management Planning Paper

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Boeing’s Management Planning

Marie Ortiz
Dr. George DeMetropolis

Boeing is the largest aviation corporation in the world. They manufacture products for both commercial and military use, but they also have contracts to accommodate NASA. Management planning is a key task for Boeing because it is such a massive and complicated corporation. They assemble top of the line equipment for commercial, medical, and military use. The key components of their business include products that assist in carrying cargo and passengers and also other devices used in military operations. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs aircrafts for the purpose of the severity of safety concerns. Due to the severity of these factors, Boeing must conduct an extensive plan in order to operate an efficient and effective business. Management planning is important for success in a company and corporation structure.

The planning function for Boeing includes situational evaluation, anticipatory needs for the future, determining the departments’ objectives, activities that concern the company, companies’ strategies and what resources might be needed to reach their goals (Boeing, 2010). While making plans Boeing must also take into consideration unexpected mishaps so that there are no problems. By arranging goals in the sales, marketing, engineering, and mechanical markets, and updating and training employees to take new actions will ensure that the products exceed high aspects and guarantee that the organization is running efficiently. According to Boeing’s mission statement, delivering innovative engineering will lead to more advanced products in the future; this has given the company the motivation to become the leader in influencing company's performance-driven culture (Boeing, 2010).
Boeing Corporation, like most companies has legal, ethical, and social responsibilities. Each of these responsibilities impacts how management chooses to deal...

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