Bog Bog Bog

Bog Bog Bog

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To find a vizier, the sultan placed a great enigma to his subjects: - This is a tree that has twelve branches, each branch has thirty sheets and each sheet contains five seeds! One who will be my vizier, tomorrow, bring me the answer. He arrives at the palace naked and dressed at once transported and walking at a time.

Among the men was an ambitious peasant. He ran his daughter he could see intelligent. Without hesitation, she revealed the solution: - Father! The tree represents the year, twelve months the branches, leaves thirty days. The seeds are the five daily prayers qu'effectue a Muslim. - How to be naked and dressed at once? How to get around on foot while being transported? - It's simple. Tomorrow early you dress the one garment that I'll make from a fisherman's net. You shall be both clothed and naked. Then you have only to climb on our young stallion. As you have long legs, they touch the ground. You shall be on foot and by donkey.

At dawn, the peasant triumphed and the Sultan who appreciated his intelligence, made him his vizier. Thus, the new vizier ruled with the discreet help of his daughter. But, over time, the sultan who was a clever man had a doubt about it. One day, he asked: - This is a moment I'm watching. Your solutions, although effective does not seem to be the result of male intelligence. Enlighten me with the truth and you will be forgiven. If I discover that you lied to me, I'll have you beheaded.

The vizier, confused, confessed: - Sire! I beg your pardon. This is my only daughter who advises me.

The monarch, who had not found the woman of his dreams, forgave him and asked him the hand of his daughter. The latter accepted. But the Sultan demanded from her to never interfere in the affairs of the kingdom without being invited. She swore. Time passed in harmony and respect for decorum, until an unjust verdict rendered by the Sultan aroused the anger of the young woman. A poor peasant found himself dispossessed of his ass by a...