Bombing Mission No. 1

Bombing Mission No. 1

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On a summer morning around 3:00 am a group known as Avalanch sneaked into a reactor which

powers Sector 1 of 8 which are different sections of a city known as Midgar. Avalanch is basiclly a

group started years ago to help save the planet. Avalanch consists of the leader Barret and the others

Jesse, John, and Wedge. The new member is a mercenary named Cloud. Together they are going to blow

up Reactor 1 since the eight reactors are sucking the life out of the planet and turning it into Mako Energy

to power Midgar which is controled by a money grubbing corporation known as Shinra. Everyone enters

the reactor and Barret and Cloud seperate from the others and headed towards the main controls of the

reactor. The others waited at the exit guarding it. Barret and Cloud make their way to the controls after

fighting many battles with the Shinra guards. Cloud plants the bomb and before the two of them even

move the alarm goes off and a giant mechanical scorpian appears and attacks them. After a brief battle

the scorpian is destoryed and Cloud and Barret run towards the exit before the reactor explodes.

Everybody meets at the exit and runs out three seconds before it explodes. After the explosion everybody

splits up and makes their own way back to the hideout. Even though they are trying to save the planet this

act killed hundreds of people and is the beginning of what becomes a race against time to save the planet.

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