Bon Juk

Bon Juk

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Hotel Service English
Professor: LaLain Cura
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Bon juk is Korean rice porridge restaurant. They provide healthy Korean porridge for everyone.

The calligraphy character “bon” (本) comes from an image of a tree with firmly planted roots, signifying “principle.”
At Bonjuk, ‘principle” means that we make no compromise on nutrition, taste, and quality of the food we serve, and observe the highest standards we set. It also refers to the traditional brand categories, such as the salad on rice (Bibimbap), rice porridge (Juk), and noodle (Guksu), all of which are representative health foods of Korean cuisine.

Juk, Korean rice porridge, used to be perceived as a dish only for patients and infants due to its easy digestibility, as well as a typical winter holiday food according to the traditional customs. It was very rare that healthy people ate porridge for a meal not on a holiday until Bonjuk created a new market for porridge as a casual food that anyone can enjoy for any occasion.
One characteristic of porridge is that cooking requires a constant attention, for someone has  to keep stirring it so that it doesn’t stick to the pot. This is why porridge in Korean culture is associated with a nourishing homemade dish made with love, but also why it was difficult for restaurants to offer it as an a la carte dish. Bonjuk developed recipes and preparation methods   that made it possible for our franchise stores to cook porridge even without trained chefs.

For this assignment, we did an interview with the branch manager of Bon Juk. Our topic for this assignment was the establishments’ service process and service procedure. The manager gave us a good interview and even gave us a service manual.

Q: What kind of preparations do you do before you open the store?
A: Make sure in every branch, the floors, windows and bathroom is cleaned. Also, double check whether the napkins are perfectly set on the tables and if the...