Bone Tiki

Bone Tiki

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David Hair

Chapter 1 - Eavesdropping
Mat Douglas is waiting for his father to come home so they can go to __________________’s tangi. Mat’s ancestry is part-_____________ (on his father’s side) and part-___________ on his mother’s. To reflect this dual heritage, he carved a ___________ pendant for them, one side a __________ and the other a _________ _________. Mat’s mother now lives in __________ where she works as a ______________. Mat is ______ years old and lives with his father, a _____________, in _____________, not far from the ______. Mat thinks his father works too hard and doesn’t like the fact that he represents clients who are __________ - ___________. Tama Douglas doesn’t wear his half of the pendant and treats his son harshly - he is ___________, ______________ and ___________________. But Mat has two qualities that help him; he can be stubborn and he very occasionally gets an urge to do something _____________________- what he calls his instinct. Just before they leave, Mat retrieves the koru pendant and puts it on while Tama gets a phone call from a Mr Puarata, who seems to scare him. Puarata asks about documentation for a ________ _______ and demands Tama’s support when he attends the tangi.
As they travel south to the marae, Mat thinks about Nanny Wai-aroha. He’d met her only once, at his great-aunt _______________’s place. She had been in an __­­_______________ for years and had ______________ wrists. She helped Mat with his drawing for the ______________ and encouraged him to find what he’s___________ at. That was the first time Mat felt that he could become an ______________. Before he left, Nanny Wai showed him a hei-tiki carved from bone and told him he should have it when she died. So Mat was determined to have the tiki, even though Puarata scared him.

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