Book Notes

Book Notes

The Bourne Identity: by Robert Ludlum

Published Date:
February 1980

535 (including Epilogue)

Identity- Bourne is constantly trying to remember his past and to discover his character. He recognizes people and places but doesn‘t understand why. Little by little he starts to remember with the help of his girlfriend as well as the continuous flashbacks.
Intrigue - the novel is filled with mysterious characters, for example the people that come after Bourne, he doesn’t know who they are and what side they work for. Not only that but the novel has multiple twists and turn.
Love - the woman that Bourne kidnaps, Marie, starts to fall in love with him.

I haven’t finished the book yet but from what I have read so far, I enjoy this book more than I thought I would because, to be honest, I am not the type that would read a lot, but I find that this book was more intriguing than some other books I have read in the past. I enjoy how Ludlum brings out the action in the novel immediately with the life and death chase with the gunman. I find both movies and movies that keep the audience hooked through action satisfactory. I enjoyed the book so far because it has some of the characteristics I enjoy about both books and movies, a protagonist against an entire organization, secret government projects which causes both suspense and mystery, and car chases. The only thing I did not enjoy so much is the romance or the love interest because I don’t enjoy romance that much in novels because to me it makes it dull.

Key Characters:
Jason Bourne - Protagonist who does not know who he is because he suffered from amnesia. He goes around trying to find answers to his question while aiming to stay alive from gunman after him.
Marie St. Jacques - a Canadian government economist who helps Jason Bourne find answers to his question. She starts to fall in love with Bourne the more time they spend together.
Carlos - an assassin of Europe. He has...

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